Most Frequently Ask Questions:

  1. Is everything I order online in stock? Answer: Yes And No. Our online store is not a live inventory so sometimes we sell out of a particular item before we can take off of our website.

  2. Why do I have to add a diecast to my shopping cart for your selling price in some cases? Some companies have a MAP Pricing Policy which does not allow us to advertise a selling price lower than list price unless you put the item into your shopping cart. Once the item is placed into your cart your cost price is displayed. You can remove the item from the cart at checkout should you decide not to purchase the item at the current time.

  3. I have seen my merchandise at Trackside or at the Race Track how come you do not have it yet? Answer: Trackside or the race events get all their products before any other authorized outlets. This is practice is largely due to sponsor and team obligations to keep the Trackside Trailers full of inventory.

  4. If you are out of stock or the supplier is out of stock how long does it normally take to get the item back into your warehouse? Answer: This depends greatly upon the item. The diecast collectibles are produced only one time and once they become sold-out they are normally no longer available. 

  5. How do I contact you about a shipment? Answer: You can contact the store directly via email on the link at the bottom of our website “Contact Us” or by phone 804-526-2936 Monday-Friday 9:30AM-4PM EST.

  6. How do I return an item I purchased? Answer: You may return an item purchased be emailing us to get an RGA number, All shipping cost to and from are the expense of the purchaser. We do not refund freight charges for returned items that are not the fault of us the supplier. No refunds after 15 days. Diecast collectibles are non-refundable and may be only exchanged. All sales after 15 days are considered final

  7. Does the online store bill my credit card at the time of purchase? Answer: Yes. The online store does charge your credit card at time of purchase via Paypal. 

  8. How can I track my package or shipments from you? We send all shipment information to UPS or USPS at the time of shipment. If you provide the correct email address at the time of purchase you will be sent a tracking number via email when your items ship. Please note: Most mail servers like AOL, Yahoo and others pick the UPS package notification or USPS package notifications email up as SPAM and send this email to your SPAM folder. Please look in your SPAM folders for your tracking information. Important Note: The order confirmation sent at the time of purchase.

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