2018 NASCAR Diecast Pre-Order Program


For 2018 we are taking a new approach for diecast pre-orders. We will have all of the diecast available for you to view here, at our website, but will not offer them for sale until we get the merchandise in stock from our suppliers. You’re probably asking why are we doing this? We have been selling NASCAR diecast collectibles for over 20 years and we list around 200 or more programs per year that are suppose to be produced. Unfortunately, a significant portion of these diecast programs may not of got produced. Previously, when you have placed your pre-order, we had to contact you (the consumer) to tell you that some or all of your diecast did not get produced by the manufacturer for various reasons. We recognize this can be a lot of work for you to go through to place your pre-order for the cars you want for your collection and then they may not be produced. This new approach will be a more streamlined effort in filling your orders with no questions about which cars will be produced. One transaction for you, and you get the diecast you ordered with FREE shipping on all orders. No need to worry about multiple freight charges that you get when you pre-order diecast from other NASCAR diecast websites that arrive at different times during the racing season. If your are tired of being nickeled and dimed to death with shipping cost, then this is your NASCAR diecast store to shop.  Also if you happen to see or want a particular diecast for your collection that we are not offering on our website, please email us at by using the contact form on our website and we will get  back to you with the price and availability of your item (you may also get extra special pricing on special orders).  Thank you for your continued support and we hope that this new concept of buying diecast cars for your collection serves your needs.

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